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Until today the luxury of personal training was generally limited to the very wealthy; that’s because most personal trainers cost $80–$150 an hour. Well, now for the first time, you can get expert personal training—the ultimate workout—for just $29 an hour. It’s available at VERT Fitness’ innovative, state-of-the-art boutique gym, located in Santa Monica and within easy reach of residents of West Los Angeles, Brentwood, and Pacific Palisades.

*Based on 10 sessions used in 3 mos.


VERT Fitness personal training’s unique & powerful one-two punch = a fast route to a fitter you

Unique among gyms in the Greater Los Angeles area, only VERT Fitness combines the sophisticated computer-driven, speed-focused exercise technology of Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training with top certified personal trainers to enable you to achieve your fitness goals quickly and safely.

Our trainers set your workout speed limits on a variety of patented VERT exercise machines, supervise your workout, keep track of and analyze your workout-related data, and push you to reach your personal fitness goals. Once you start your training program, you won’t have to wait long to see results—you’ll experience noticeable gains in strength, quickness of movement, flexibility and balance in less than 3 weeks!


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The revolutionary “firm and burn” workout

VERT is an acronym that stands for Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training, revolutionary computer-driven fitness equipment that speeds up your metabolic rate so it firms as it burns up to 3x the calories of ordinary workouts. VERT’s patented design also works two targeted areas of your body at once, and automatically adjusts 16,000 times a second to make sure you’re working at 100% capacity through your full range of motion—so you get a full body workout in 1/2 the time.

Our pro personal trainers personalize your fitness/conditioning program

VERT Fitness’ expert personal trainers work you out on VERT machines that target specific areas of your body, and they carefully set your starting workout speed level and then raise the speed level over time as your results on the equipment improve (computer data details your improvement from session to session). Additionally, they personalize for you other highly effective “functional training” exercises that speed up muscle movements, increase strength and quickness, and improve flexibillity and balance, and which can ultimately help you do everything from more easily perform everyday tasks to boost your sports performance.

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