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Until today the luxury of personal training was generally limited to the very wealthy; that’s because most personal trainers cost $80–$150 an hour. Well, now for the first time, you can get expert personal training for just $29/hr. It’s available at VERT Fitness’ innovative, state-of-the-art gym, located in Santa Monica and within easy reach of residents of West Los Angeles, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades. How are we able to offer training at that price? Easy—we’re the largest personal training center in Southern California.

*Based on small group training 2x a week for 4 weeks.

VERT Fitness Personal Training: The Powerful Pairing of Our Trainers & Technology Gets You Fit Faster

Unique among gyms in the Greater Los Angeles area, only we combine the sophisticated computer-driven, speed-focused fitness training system known as VERT (an acronym standing for Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training) with top certified personal trainers to enable you to fully achieve your fitness objectives quickly and safely.

Our trainers supervise your workouts on a variety of patented VERT exercise machines, monitor and analyze your computer-generated workout data, and push you toward your fitness goals. Once you start your training program, you see rapid resultsnoticeable gains in strength, quickness, flexibility and balance in as little as 4 weeks!and with that program ultimately you can reach your goals faster than you can with any other type of fitness training.


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Our Amazing “Firm and Burn” Workout

The centerpiece of our personal training is what we call the “firm and burn” workout. This happens when you use our exclusive, revolutionary fitness equipment. With this workout, your body gets toned and firmed while you simultaneously burn up to 3x more calories than you would in an ordinary workout. You also get to work two targeted muscle groups at once and work out at 100% capacity through your full range of motion, so you get a more complete full-body workout in half the time of other workouts. It all adds up to the most efficient and effective workout you can possibly experience. LEARN MORE


Power Up Your Game Like the Pros With Our Sports Conditioning

Although we are primarily a general fitness facility, sports conditioning happens to be a specialty of ours. If you’re looking to achieve peak functional performance on the court, field, track, or in the pool, both our advanced VERT machines and top-of-the-line personal trainers are well equipped to get you there. We’ve helped many world-class athletes, and we can help you, too. LEARN MORE


We’re Not Too Big to Be Personal

At VERT Fitness, all we do is personal training—you won’t find any huge, impersonal group fitness classes in our facility. And that same personal quality you find in our training extends to our gym as a whole. It’s not some sterile, cavernous, corporate complex filled with endless rows of equipment and noisy throngs of people. Rather, this is a more intimate space, a clean and modern but cozy boutique neighborhood gym, with an atmosphere that’s relaxed and low-key, but at the same time, serious regarding working out. It’s a place where you’re not just another face in the crowd, and it’s a friendly, supportive environment. In short, it’s exactly what a lot of people are looking for.


Expert Physical Therapy? We’ve Got That, Too

As our full name indicates, we also offer physical therapy services. If you’ve got an injury that needs rehabilitating, our licensed physical therapists can quickly and safely move you along the road to full recovery with a comprehensive therapy regimen that may include utilization of our VERT machines as rehab equipment. And if you’re an athlete with an injury related to your activity, we’ve got you covered, because a specialty of ours is sports rehab. LEARN MORE




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