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A Modern Approach to Athletic Conditioning and Physical Therapy

When it comes to getting back in the game, some athletes seek conditioning, while others focus on physical therapy in Santa Monica. At VERT Fitness & Sports Physical Therapy, our sports rehab program integrates both of these disciplines in a comprehensive training center that primes you for success in the most crucial areas of physical performance. Since VERT Fitness & Sports Therapy was founded by a leading medical doctor, you can be assured that our philosophies take into account your health and well-being.
• Flexible Hours
• Training by Appointment
• Unlimited 7 Day Gym Access
• Physical Therapist & Physician-Owned Facility
• Quarterly Health Assessments
• Nutritional Counseling (Specializing in Bulletproof & Paleo Diets)

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Advanced Sports Training and Sports Rehabilitation

VERT utilizes cutting-edge computerized fitness equipment and the latest developments in exercise physiology for a functional approach to strength training and conditioning. Our goal driven approach to sports training is custom tailored to your individual physique and desired training focus. Each individual program is designed and supervised by our staff of certified VERT personal trainers for functional and core strength, cardiovascular fitness, improved energy, flexibility, fat loss and weight management.

Our unique approach gives purpose to your fitness and sports therapy routines.  Our staff of expert trainers and physical therapy specialists is here to offer motivation, support, and advice along the way. With physical therapy being a key component to our process, we offer a 360 degree sports rehab program that eases the transition so you can enjoy maximum functionality on your terms. You will feel the difference in your first session; our proven techniques increase your energy, strength, endurance and overall conditioning.